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    Section 1 - Basic Information

    Union Affiliation

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    Geographic Areas Willing to Work

    Area of Work - FLArea of Work - Cape Cod - MAArea of Work - CTArea of Work - MAArea of Work - MDArea of Work - MEArea of Work - NHArea of Work - NJArea of Work - NYArea of Work - RIArea of Work - VAArea of Work - VTArea of Work - Western - MA

    Trades Performed +Open-Close

    01000: Construction Publications01140: Scaffolding and Staging01150: Hoisting / Rigging02001: Structural Fill02002: Erosion Control02052: Demolition Take Down02053: Selective Demolition02075: Concrete Cutting/Removal02076: Blasting02082: Hazardous Material Abatement02115: Underground Storage Tank Removal02200: Sitework02250: Underpinning02300: Soldier Pile and Lagging / Sheeting02350: Piles & Caissons02510: Paving02515: Unit Pavers02520: Paving Marking02520: Retaining Walls02540: Synthetic Turf Fields02545: Bituminous Surface Treatment02670: Water Wells02700: Geothermal Drilling02800: Site Improvement02830: Fencing02900: Landscaping02903: Irrigation03001: Concrete Contractor (Total Package)03100: Concrete Formwork03110: Structural Cast-in-Place Concrete Forms03150: Concrete Flatwork03210: Reinforcing Steel03211: Rebar Install03250: Post-Tensioning03310: Concrete Ready Mix03350: Concrete Finishing - Stamped/Stained03400: Precast Concrete03401: Precast Supplier03410: Plant-Precast Structural Concrete03450: Plant-Precast Architectural Concrete03540: Cementitious Underlayment03600: Concrete Pumping04000: Masonry04200: Masonry Units04250: Masonry Material Supplies04300: Cultured Stone Veneer05120: Structural Steel05450: Light Gauge Metal Trusses05460: LGMF/ Cold Formed Steel/ Panelized Metal Framing05500: Metal Fabrications05715: Fabricated Spiral Stairs05800: Expansion Control06060: Rough Carpentry Material06100: Rough Carpentry Labor06110: Wood Panels06120: Structural Insulated Panels06190: Wood Trusses06200: Finish Carpentry06210: Finish Carpentry Installation06417: Solid Surface Countertops06600: Plastic Fabrications/ GFRG/ PVC/ GRC/GRG06611: Custom Wood Doors and Windows07100: Dampproofing and Waterproofing07210: Building Insulation07240: Exterior Insulation and Finish Systems (EIFS)07250: Spray Fireproofing07310: Asphalt Shingles07410: Metal Roof and Wall Panels07412: Insulated Steel Panels07430: Aluminum Composite Panels07450: Siding - Wood/Vinyl/Fiber Cement07530: Roofing07710: Roof Accessories08001: Doors, Frames, and Hardware Supplier08002: Doors, Frames, and Hardware Installation08130: Hanger Doors08300: Custom Wood Doors08322: Security Doors08330: Coiling Doors and Grilles08410: Glass/ Glazing/ Storefront08430: Shower Doors08450: Insulated Translucent Fiberglass Wall Panel08460: Automatic Entrance Doors08520: Aluminum Windows08540: Vinyl Windows08670: Wood/ Fiberglass Windows08675: Wood Window Restoration08900: Glazed Curtain Wall08950: Skylights09202: Lath & Plaster09250: Drywall09310: Ceramic Tile09400: Terrazzo09430: Dimensional Stone Flooring09500: Acoustical Ceilings09550: Wood Flooring09600: Flooring Resilient/ Carpet/ Tile/ Wood09710: Sports Flooring09720: Epoxy Flooring09900: Painting10120: Projection Screens and Visual Aid Boards10160: Toilet Compartments - Metal10170: Toilet Compartments Solid Surface10190: Cubicles Curtains and Track10200: Louvers and Vents10265: Wall Protection10270: Access Flooring10300: Fireplaces And Stoves10340: Church Steeples & Cupolas10350: Flagpoles10430: Awnings10440: Signage10510: Lockers10520: Fire Extinguishers10605: Wire Mesh Partitions10650: Operable Partitions10670: Storage Shelving10800: Toilet, Bath, and Laundry Accessories11015: Overhead Crane and Hoist Equipment11110: Commercial Laundry Equipment11130: Loading Dock Equipment11170: Trash Chutes/ Waste Handling Equipment11400: Food Service Equipment11450: Residential Appliances11520: Playground Equipment11650: Athletic & Recreational Equipment11670: Grandstands & Bleachers11680: Scoreboard12002: Floor Mat12345: Laboratory Casework and Equipment12360: Educational/ Medical Casework12370: Kitchen Cabinets / Residential Casework12490: Window Treatments12610: Fixed Audience Seating12620: Stage Curtains12750: Stone Countertop12760: Stone Resin Counters12800: Acoustic Wall Panels13025: Polyresin Track Surface13060: Controlled Environment Room13100: Lightning Protection13120: Pre-engineered Metal Buildings13126: Athletic Support Buildings13127: Athletic Fields/Turf Fields13150: Swimming Pools13210: Roof Anchors and Davits13500: Modular Buildings14000: Dumbwaiters14200: Elevators14240: HC Lifts14620: Hoist and Monorail Systems15300: Fire Protection15400: Plumbing15500: Heating, Ventilating & Air Conditioning16000: Electrical16500: Lighting16700: Fire Alarm Nurse Call / Low Voltage17200: Audio Video Equipment
    Section 2 - Experience

    List Four Trade References

    Company, Contact and Phone

    List Three Projects Presently Under Construction

    Project Name, Owner and GC (Name and Phone)

    Section 3 - Financial

    Bank Information

    List Your Company's Volume for the Past Three Years

    $ Volume

    Has your company ever failed to complete a project?


    Is Your Company Signatory to Any Labor Agreement?


    Does Your Company Offer Health Insurance to its Employees?


    What are Your Company's Standard Limits of Insurance Coverage?

    Nauset Construction Standard Limits of Insurance Coverage Requirements

    General Liability
    $1 Mill per Occurance
    $2 Mill Aggregate
    $1 Mill Auto
    Excess Liability
    $5 Mill Bids exceeding $75K
    $3 Mill Bids between $7,500 and $75k
    Worker's Comp. $500k
    Insurance Company, Phone, and Limit

    Is Your Company Bondable? If so to what amount.


    Workers Compensation Rating for the Past Three Years (EMR):

    DisadvantagedHUB ZoneMinorityVeteransWomen
    Section 4 - OSHA

    Does Your Company Have a Written Safety Program?


    Does Your Co. Require Your Field Employees to be OSHA 10 Hour Certified?


    Has Your Co. Been Cited by OSHA Within the Last 5 Years?


    Section 5 - Other

    How would you like to receive Bid Invitations?

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